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Combi: Magical Compact 4 Ways (Best Buy)
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Combi: Magical Compact 4 Ways (Best Buy)

Combi: Magical Compact 4 Ways (Best Buy)
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Combi: Magical Compact 4 Ways

Recommended Age:
Newborn+ to
to 14.9kg

Product Descriptions:-

The typical selection process for a first time parent when choosing a baby carrier starts by looking at a baby sling. Some parents like baby slings while others don?t because the baby is covered and appears to be quite cramped. They then look at baby upright carriers (front carrying types) and instinctively recognize they aren?t ideal for carrying a newborn baby. So typically they will buy both or just an upright but not use it for the first few months of the babies life missing the time when carriers provide the most convenience to parents.

The decision process is now much easier as the Combi Magical Compact baby carrier is the first choice of SMART parents as it is totally safe to use for newborn babies all the way through to a whopping 14.9 kgs.

1. Cradling position (suitable for newborn/3.4 Kgs to 7.4kgs)
2. Face-in cuddle position (7.4 kgs to 11.3 kgs)
3. Face-out cuddle position (7.4 kgs to 11.3 kgs)
4. Back carrying position (11.3 kgs to 14.9 Kgs)


It is designed with 4 ways carring position to suit babies underv different growing stage. There are cradling position, forward-facing cuddling, rear-facing cuddling and back carrying.
Full open design
Easy seating and unseating.
One-touch buckle
Only one touch to release.
Inbuilt storage pocket
Simply fold the carrier into the pocket when not in use. Cradling sheet cannot be stored into the pocket.
Once folded, easily fits, into a small bag or stroller basket
Head and back support. Provides crucial head and back support.
3D head guard
3D head guard provides multi-direction to protect baby head
Head support
Support the babies head when sleeping
Natural leg position
To keep legs in proper position naturally
Shoulders protection design
Shoulder straps can be centre fastened to increase the carriers stability and comfort. The babies weight is distributed evenly over the back reducing the stress onto shoulders.
Different options for use
For back carry, you can choose either an open carrying or cross belt style.
Ventilation System
Good ventilation for facilitating hear release.

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