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Bumbo: Floor Seat
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Bumbo: Floor Seat

Bumbo: Floor Seat
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Bumbo: Floor Seat (Restraint Belt Included)

The Bumbo Floor seat was designed to seat young babies who can?t sit up by themselves yet.

As soon as your baby can support their own head you can seat them in the Bumbo Floor Seat. The seat has many technical design features that supports the babies posture allowing them to interact with their surroundings.

The Bumbo Floor Seat has received many awards from around the world for its effective and functional design but be aware of copy products that lacks some important features.


Be sure to buy an original Bumbo Floor Seat.

 "The floor seat stabilizes the child into slight hip flexion, placing the pelvis in a slight anterior pelvic tilt which facilitates lumbar extension. This action, combined with the gentle curve of the seat back that matches the natural curve of the rib cage, facilitates the baby around the lower ribs and trunk for stabilization. The Seat allows for active practice of the head and postural trunk control. It also allows a child the pelvic stability needed to get the hands into the mid line for play. Upright positioning facilitates an improved visual field of the environment, improved respirations and breath control, assists a baby who needs to be upright after feeding due to reflux and many other benefits.?

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