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Ameda: Lactaline Dual Breast Pump (BPA FREE)
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Ameda: Lactaline Dual Breast Pump (BPA FREE)

Ameda: Lactaline Dual Breast Pump (BPA FREE)
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Ameda: Lactaline Dual Breast Pump (BPA FREE)

Descriptions  :

The world's smallest electric interval double breast pump for ultimate mobility. Easy to handle, small, quiet and efficient. No wonder it's the favorite breast pump for private use.

This is a top-of-the-line Breastpump that gives you all the features and benefits of a heavy-duty electric hospital pump but at a convenient price & size. Now, you may enjoy the efficiency and portability of this great pump no matter how busy your day is. Therefore, ensuring your baby will always have nature's best - Mummy's Milk.

Features and Benefits

Discreet & Quiet

The Lactaline is very quiet compared to other electric pumps, whispering as it works.  User-friendly, Easy to use, low-maintenance and low-noise

Adjustable Settings

The suction (strength) and cycle (speed) can be adjusted separately and continuously to meet the specific needs and requirements of the mother hence mimicking perfectly baby's natural suckling rhythm.

With the turn of a dial, you are able to easily change the combination of cycle and suction to maximize milk production while accommodating your personal comfort level. Pumping has a fully automatic suck-and-release rhythm.  8 adjustable suction levels and 4 cycle speeds provide numerous variations to mimic baby's suckling.


The patented diaphragm design protects milk backflow into the tubing or pump. It also prevents outside contaminated air from being drawn into the collected milk. This is especially good for mothers who are not able to find an appropriate place to pump milk and are worried about environmental pollutants getting into their expressed milk. 

Milk collection system with integrated and patented silicone diaphragm that creates a barrier protecting pump and breast milk from potential viruses and bacteria (FDA approved)

* The hygiene double pump kit included in the package reduces pumping time by half

* Recommended by midwives, breastfeeding consultants and mothers

Technical Information:

Cycle range: 30-60 cycles/minute, adjustable
- Vacuum range (suction capacity): 0-330mbar, adjustable
- Meets highest hygiene standards
- Can also be battery operated - 6AA Alkaline Batteries (Batteries are not included)
- Include of 1 power adaptor

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

*Attached here the video for the more details of the product.

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