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DIAMANT Tourmaline Fiber Series


Brand Spirit

Inspired by persistence in beauty, EASECOX International continues to uphold their brand spirit of innovative R&D in health and aesthetics, to present the exquisite elegance of the label. Unique tourmaline fibers are combined with professional Japanese cutting-edge design. Precise computer calculations of body shape are combined with the advanced hand tailoring skill to create the perfect body, and the beautiful body has been synonymous with "self-confidence? from then on.

Premium Material and Professional Weaving - The Diamant Tourmaline Fiber series is produced from the finest elastic fibers, where state-of-the-art technology is applied to infuse ultrafine tourmaline into the fabric. This not only enhances elasticity and tenacity, but the natural energy is also conducive to your health.

Quadruple Treatment and Skin Sensitivity Test - Diamant Tourmaline Fibers must undergo special quadruple processes including odor-proofing, anti-fluffing, anti-static and anti-fluorescent agents. Furthermore, 72-hour skin sensitivity tests are conducted to ensure there is no sign of skin inflammation, itching or allergy before the product is officially produced.

Beauty Designer Service - In order to create the golden contour for each person, professional Beauty Designer certified by EASECOX International provide Diamant users with advice on the correct size and wearing technique. They would also create individualized body sculpting plans to keep track of their results in a progressive body sculpting program. In 2015, EASECOX?s brand-new "Beauty Designer? mobile app propelled measurement from paper-and-pencil calculation to digital efficiency by smart devices; the professionalism has turned to a new page. The caring service can satisfy and reach a wider customer base that seeks better wellbeing and physical beauty!

PLATINO Series for Men

Platino is a shapewear designed for men who wish to tone their waist and abdomen. Also made with the Diamant Tourmaline fabric, the Platino line includes body-shaping pants and waistband. The waistband comprises six shaped memory alloy strips specially imported from Japan. In addition to the basic abdomen-tightening function, it also features powerful elasticity to sustain the pressure. The waistband adjusts the shift in center of gravity caused by a protruding abdomen to correct poor posture. The body-shaping pants have four shaped memory alloy strips extending from the abdomen to the thigh area to shape the body. The waist area of the pants features a wide elastic strap for optimal comfort。 
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